Leaving the party

Birthday parties!!! 

Awesome fun!! Activities, games, music, trampolines, foodage, you name it! Fun for everyone!

The eldest daughter and I went to one of her friend’s birthday party. It was me and her. 

We all had a great time with great food and awesome company. 

Then came the time to start the ball rolling to leave and head home, or what I like to call, extraction!

I did think of my game plan for a few seconds before I executed the first phase. So I decided 10 minute, 5 minute, then 1 minute warnings, then leave. 

I gave the 10 minute warning and all was well. 

I gave the 5 minute warning and all was well. 

I then completely skipped the 1 minute warning and 5 minutes later, I went to find her. 

I found her upstairs in her friend’s bedroom, with her friend, reading The Gruffalo. I also discovered that they had just got past the first page. So I thought that it should only take 5 minutes to read to themselves and as her friend asked whether they could finish the book, I obliged and decide to come back in 5 minutes. 

5 minutes later, I went back up just to hear the last words of the story being read. When the story had finished, I gave a knock at the door (which surprised them, I think) and stated that it was time for Bea to put her shoes on to go home. 

When we got downstairs, I realised that I had totally jumped the gun on departure and missed a vital part of the party.

“Chocolate egg hunt in the garden!” So we stayed and finished the egg hunt.

 My highlight post-egg hunt, was that as soon as Bea got inside, she unwrapped the chocolate egg and scoffed it before I had a chance to get her attention! A very clever skill. 

Now this is the point where everyone was going but Bea wanted to stay, so I took the coward’s way out and offered bait. 

“Shall we go and take the car to the car wash?” I said.

“Yes!” was the response. 

And out we went. 

I’m still thinking about whether that was the best way to encourage her out. 

Should I have explained it to her? Or was she too excited?

Should I have been more strict and stuck to the time I’d say we would go.

When this situation happens again, and oh it will, I will report back after trying one of the potential solutions.

Any one out there have any suggestions?


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